Welcome at the three star City Partner Hotel Victoria in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic

Our elegant three star hotel is located at the heart of the beautiful city of Prague and enables to spend your visit to the city without any stress due to the short ways in between the various sights.

The Wenceslas Square is only a few minutes away afoot from our hotel and therefore comfortably accessible. From the Pompous Square it is a short distance to walk to all the important nodal points of the city. Stroll on the boulevard of the historic downtown of Prague and be mesmerized by the exciting turmoil of the city and the historic architecture that can be observed around every street corner. No need to worry if your feet get tiered: The public transportation system is also well connected to our hotel. Destinations located outside of the city are also easily accessible.

Visit the fascinating Charles Bridge, the pompous Prague Castle as well as the picturesque Moldova that wriggles itself through the romantic city. Enjoy the diverse cultural offerings of the city and watch the busy streets from one of the cozy cafés in the city center. In our restaurant you can end your day in a personal atmosphere before heading off to bed to gather some recreating sleep. You'll need it because there will be much more to explore the following day in the "Golden City".

Comfortably book or reserve online your stay at the City Partner Hotel Victoria in Prague.