Restaurant in Sankt Augustin

We like to welcome you in the restaurant "Regina Stuben" and in the restaurant "Bistro" in Sankt Augustin.

Sankt Augustin. Two restaurants. One ambition: Our restaurant-team consist of well-versed service-colleagues and adept cooks with a long lasting restaurant-experience would like to pamoer you after a nice vacation day an effective working-day.

In our restaurant "Bistro" you enjoy our breakfast and start relaxed in a new day. At noon and in the evenings we offer you fresh concocted international delacies in the restaurant "Regina Stuben", which elates our frequenters just as well as the tourist and business guests. Please attend that our restaurant is only available for nonhotel guests without a reservation in the evening.

A cool beer or a good wine with one of our selected meals out of the forest, from the grassland or out of the water for your pleasure. For this stays the restaurant "Regina Stuben" in Sankt Augustin. Small but nice you could say. With only 35 seats for guests we like to invite you to relaxand enjoy with our selected delicacies out of Kermany after a nice and effective day. In our restaurant kitchen we assess quality. Because of this we pamper you with first-class products, which will be handled creative for you.

In summer we serve our delicacies extra on the sun-kissed terrace in front of our hotel in the lively heart of Sankt Augustin. Make your first mark of our choice and take a look in our menu and assure yourself how to enjoy Sankt Augustin.

Banquettes and celebrations

Do you search for a location for a private celebration or a taylor made banquette in Sankt Augustin? Also here the City Partner Hotel regina has always the right offer for you! Per bigness of your celebration or banquette (up to 100 guests find a place) we arrange the perfect frame of your needs and our kitchen conjure your wish-menu or flavoursome buffets, which makes every banquette and celebraion an adventure.

Does the celebration or the banquette have a special cause? Speak to us, we plan for you the right frame. For example we arrange the restaurant or the breakfast-room for you and for the presentable banquette the rooms "Maria" and "Theresia" can actually be integrate to a big banquette-hall.

No matter, if a celebration or a bqnquette: trust our experience, cause we like celebrations. More information you can find in the baquette-folder. Hrer you get to know what you have to know for planning a banquette.