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Destinations Germany - Lower Saxony | destination

Destinations Germany - Lower Saxony

Points of interest in Lower Saxony – in tue footsteps of Wilhelm Busch

Wilhelm Busch used to say that there are always surprises to be found where one least expects them. It is doubtful whether this quotation refers to his home state of Lower Saxony. It is certain, however, that the travel destination Lower Saxony surprises and enchants its visitors. Why put up with a long trip, when there is so much to discover in the north of Germany? A variety of travel destinations guarantees you an exciting and recreative stay.

The second largest state in Germany is home to the perfect mixture of excitement, historical towns and diverse nature. The state and exhibition capital Hannover is the 11th biggest city of the republic – witness the north German history or stroll through the city centre with its countless coffee shops, restaurants and shopping opportunities.

For those that feel close to nature and hikers there is also plenty to do: from the Elbe to the North Sea coast, marshlands and green countryside in the area of East Frisia. In Lower Saxony, you can relax and spent hours in the countryside. Among the most attractive travel destinations are the Steinhuder Meer, the Dinosaur adventure park in Münchehagen as well as the village of Wiedensahl, with Wilhelm Busch’s birthplace and the adjacent coffee house Busch-Keller. The destinations are easily reachable by car from our hotels in Hildesheim, Soltau and Wolfsburg and ensure you and your family and exciting and informative day trip.


Steinhuder Meer in Lower Saxony

Destinations Lower Saxony Steinhuder MeerThe Steinhuder Meer is situated about thirty kilometres away from the capital Hannover, in the middle of a huge natural park, which amazesits visitors with its diverse flora and fauna. In the moor around the lake, rare animal and plant species can be observed that can only be found in this region. Information signs and observation towers will make the search for the rare residents easier. The biggest lake in Lower Saxony occupies an area of 29 square kilometres and is therefore rightfully called a “sea”. At the banks of the lake, holiday mood will grip you and will let you forget that you’re not at the beautiful North Sea coast but in the middle of the country. Around the Steinhuder Meer, there’s a variety of hiking trails that invite you to an unhurried walk. Apart from that, for the biking fans there are numerous biking trails through the natural park and around the lake.
But also the lake itself offers a variety of sportive activities: Kite- and Wind-surfing are very popular in this area. And also those who are interested in sailing are provided for. About 5000 sailing boats are at home on the Steinhuder Meer. In the warm summer months, the lake offers a pleasant cooling – swimming at the specifically designated beaches is permitted!


Dinosaurs in the Dino-Park Münchehagen

Destinations Lower Saxony Dino Park MuenchehagenThe dinosaur adventure park is a very exciting travel destination in Lower Saxony. Games and fun are playfully combined with interesting facts and information, so there’s entertainment for the whole family. More than 220 life-sized dinosaurs are waiting in the park and amaze the visitors every year anew. No matter if it’s meter high herbivores or scary carnivores, the animals – extinct for millions of years – are replicated in every detail.  Hidden between bushes and trees, the animals appear to be living in their natural habitat. Let yourself be taken back millions of years and try out archery – welcome to the Stone Age! For the younger visitors there is a variety of activities that let the children take active part in the program of the theme park. No matter if you’re looking for tracks in the sand or experiencing an archeological excavation – your children will be more than sufficiently entertained. The excursion to Dino Park in Lower Saxony will be an adventure for all the senses.


Museum Wilhelm-Busch-Birthplace

Birthplace Wilhelm Busch Lower SaxonyOne of the most famous sons of Lower Saxony is Wilhelm Busch, who was born in 1832 in Wiedensahl in the Schaumburger Land. In the small village you can still find the birthplace of the poet, which has been renovated several times and expanded into a diverse museum since its creation as memorial place in 1930. Apart from the historical original living area and a permanent exhibition about the life and works of Busch, the museum also regularly offers varying exhibitions. The rarely exhibited original drawings and paintings of the multi talent shall be particularly stressed – the poet saw himself as a failed painter and never exhibited or sold any of his progressive pictures in his life time.


After visiting the birthplace, a trip through Wiedensahl, with its grand frame and brick houses is recommended. Experience the village, in which Busch himself spent 40 years of his life, isolated by choice, and where he was feared rather than recognized for his works by most of the villagers. Immediately behind the houses one enters into the characteristically open and beautiful countryside made up of meadows, fields and forests – just like in Busch’s times.


Café Busch-Keller in the village of Wiedensahl

Cafe Busch Keller WiedensahlAfter an extensive walk, a stop in the CaféBusch-Keller is strongly recommended, a coffee shop that has been kept by Busch’s great-great niece since its opening in 1987. The homely Café is located in the cellar area of the “new” living and business house that was built by Wilhem’s father in 1846/47 directly next to his birthplace. In this building, Busch lived and worked whenever he spent time in his home village between 1847 and 1872. Here, he also wrote his famous stories of Max & Moritz.


When the building was renovated, it was tried to abstain from modern elements, so that the “new” parental house still presents itself in the original style: urban from the outside, timber frame from the inside. Spend a relaxing hour with coffee and traditional pastries and read once again the funny and informative stories and poems by Wilhelm Busch.


Grant yourself a time-out and spend a few relaxing days in Lower Saxony. Experience the diversity of the state and discover the beneficial nature and exciting excursion destinations. Fun for young and old!


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(Fotos: Steinhuder Meer ©Heiko Höhn/Fotolia | Dinosaurier ©Olga Orehkova-Sokolo/Fotolia | Wilhelm Busch Geburtshaus & Cafe ©Nick Herbold)