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Attractions Lütjenburg Schleswig-Holstein Germany

Schleswig Holstein Attractions around Lütjenburg

As a health resort the over 800 year old town offers ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday on the Baltic coast in Holstein Switzerland.

For an eventful stay, here are some attractions around Lütjenburg:

Holstein Switzerland - Tourist attraction Plön & Plöner Lake:
More than a dozen lakes and culture in abundance - that´s Plön!
A wonderful castle located in a spacious castle area, with wonderful views from the castle terrace over the big Plöner Lake, the plöner prince house and pretty churches, many restored buildings plus a varied history - that you can expect from Plön.

Holstein Switzerland - Tourist attraction Eutin:
The town Eutin is particularly well known for the castle with origins in the year 1160 and its English garden. The old town with the historic market square Eutin and the romantic timbered houses invites you to stroll and amble.

Schleswig Holstein - Tourist Attractions Baltic Coast:
Hohwachter Bucht:
In 15 minutes you will reach the beach in Hohwacht in the Hohwacht Bay on the Baltic Sea. There is a bright sandy beach with different areas, such as a family beach, boat and surf section or a dog beach.

Schönberger beach:
The Schönberger beach is about 20 kilometers away from Lütjenburg and always pays for a trip to the Baltic Sea. The beautiful sandy beach offers ideal conditions for a walk along the lake.

Weissenhäuser beach:
Those who want do swim also if the weather is bad, the hotel will offer a trip to the water park at the Weissenhäuser beach. A special destination for families. The subtropical swimming paradise offers a lot of attractions that children and adults will be fascinated.

In 40 minutes you reach the town Grömitz on the Baltic Sea. There you have also the opportunity to spend a nice day at the beach. Families should think about a visit to the Grömitzer Zoo "Noah's Ark".

Insel Fehmarn:
Coming from Lütjenburg to the island and only in a few steps. In just over 50 kilometers you will reach the city castle on the third-largest Baltic Sea island of Germany - Fehmarn Island. Enjoy a nice day on the island and return in the evening in our cozy Country Partner Hotel Lüttje Burg .
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