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Hotel Thessoni classic Zurich Regensdorf (Switzerland)

City Partner Boutique Hotel Thessoni classic

Welcome at the City Partner Hotel Thessoni classic in Regensdorf/Zurich/Switzerland
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Dear Guest, We are writing a new story. It is the story of a metamorphosis: The Trend Hotel is now the City Partner Hotel Thessoni classic, a hotel for seminar guests and people seeking to recuperate. A house with a timeless design. It integrates Swissness and Craftsmanship in a charming way. Swissness, because we invoke tradition, but also reinterpret it. Craftsmanship, because it characterizes Regensdorf and the region. And because our employees understand their craftsmanship. For us, craftsmanship is a an expression of persistence and quality. That's why we use high-quality, nature-derived material in the Thessoni classic's 49 guest rooms and suites and open areas. Wood and stone, leather and steel. Our story comprises numerous chapters, and our history is a part of it. Yes, sometimes we take a look back so that we can see more clearly ahead. For instance, Revox in Regensdorf manufactured audio tapes decades ago. Today, they make high quality sound systems. Such a system accentuates our tonBAR. The hotel as an orchestra, not as a supersonic sound factory. Having said that, our lernGARAGE conveys a a crude charm. Industrial lamps, elaborate wall panels, and a work bench as a lectern should also inspire seminar attendees to look at things in a different light. Sensuality is another chapter. That's why we have chosen the name Thessoni for our hotel. »Th« stands for the initials of the erstwhile Trend Hotels, »essoni« is a playful mix derived from the words senses and Sinne. Thessoni stands for an emotional experience. In our eventRÄUMEN, we create the appropriate atmosphere for every occasion with our special lighting concept. And our gastronomy promises unforgettable moments: In tonWERK for our steak and lobster fans or at the feinWERK gourmet restaurant, where we add a touch of modernity to some old dishes. Ecologically-certified reservoir wood covers an area of 600 square meters of our redesigned terrace, on which modern pavilions stand with roofs made of canvas and walls that can be opened and closed. A rendezvous that builds trust with guests and with nature. Only then will we be able to continue writing the story of Thessoni classic.

Yours sincerely, Roger Gloor

The team of the City Partner Hotel Thessoni classic is looking forward to your visit in Zurich!

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City Partner Boutique Hotel Thessoni classic

City Partner Boutique Hotel Thessoni classic
Eichwatt 19
8105 Zuerich Regensdorf

Phone: +41 (0)44 870 88 88
Fax: +41 (0)44 870 88 99
Galileo FGG2666
Sabre FG389651
Worldspan FGTHESH